Replaced Marvell SE9230 with SE9130, RAID1 Status Offline

My Marvell SE9230 using RAID1 configuration died. The voltage regulator is okay, output measures 1.8V, but the main IC does not get even luke-warm and no controller BIOS splash or ability to get into its menu. It seems completely dead.

So I replaced it with a spare Marvell SE9130 which is supposed to support RAID1 as well. It detects my RAID virtual disk, but status is “Offline”. There appears no way to make it online. If I select my virtual disk “New_VD”, the only option I have is Erase.

Each individual drive shows status of “Configured”. They have the same status except PD ID and Port ID of the other drive is 1 instead of 0.

Any way to make my virtual disk work with the new controller without losing data?