report a bug to intel

I’ve tried to report a bug since 13.x version on Intel Community forum (Raid 1 HDD seen as SSD from defrag), and Z77 chipset, but it doesn’t reply anymore.
Is there a official way to report a bug of Intel RAID drivers?
Can you help me?
Thank you

It’s called support.

What are you saying, your HDD is shown as a SSD or your SSD is shown as a HDD. A HDD has defrag, a SSD has optimize. If you have a SSD and you see defrag, open CMD as admin and run “winsat diskformal” .

The correct detection of the disk sort (HDD/SSD) before running the Defrag resp. Optimizer tool has to be done by the OS and not by a third party storage driver.
So you should better contact Microsoft than Intel.