[REPORT] spam account

Hello there!
Sorry, I didn’t find the place to make a proper place for that post, so that’s why I decided to put it into the Off Topic.
So I’ve got a message from a6kp87h with the message:

EDIT by Fernando: Due to the relevance of this report I have moved the thread into the Sub-Forum “Questions/Suggestions regarding the Forum”.

Howdy admins,

confirmed. I did receive the same "yummy" message.

@vinibali : @Hr_KaLeu :
Thank yoiu very much for your report.
The sender of the spam messages was the former Forum member with the nickname oq58zzv. Immediately after we got the information about his spam PMs (yesterday in the morning CET), the sender has been banned forever and his IP address blocked to prevent a new registration from the same origin.
So it is very unlikely, that you will get bothered again by this spammer.
I am sorry about this inconvenience.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Yes, thank you both for reporting this issue, sorry it’s happened!!

Hi, I’ve received a similar message from the user joh4ink:

@pinguicodes :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your info. I am sorry about bein bothered by such spam PM.
Meanwhile I have banned the former Forum member joh4ink and blacklisted his/her IP address.
Kind regards
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I received PM about joh4ink today too, thanks Fernando!

I’ve received a similar message from the user xl3od4e.

Starting from today, this should no longer be an issue. Please report any future such messages, if they appear.

p8hxsv2 new ones.

I’ll add to this since there’s already a thread:

I’m completely new to the forum so not to come off wrong, but you guys should probably really do something about this spam lol. Do you use a captcha of any kind (or something similar) for new signups?

I’ve gotten like 4 messages in just as many days:

All basically the same type of thing in the message body

@jdally987 - Yes, we have image captcha to sign up, and have just put new measures into place regarding new accounts, so hopefully they’ll be held off now!

Thank you for the report @jdally987 . As I said above, it should not be an issue anymore. These pms are old (thankfully), before measures were taken.

I have recieved sex messagee from joh4ink
Please remove this prick from the forum, I dont have the time or inclination to read that shit

@pappa_smurf :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum! I am sorry about having been bothered by such spam PM and have moved your post into this already existing thread about the same topic.
As you can see by reading the already existing contributions of this thread, the former Forum member joh4ink has already been banned and his/her IP address blocked on 31th of July.
Furthermore the Forum Team has done all imaginable and doable actions to prevent the distribution of such spam PMs in the future.
Enjoy the Forum!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Same message from kdbmosj.

@MagneticStuff : Thanks for your info.

This former Forum member has been deleted this minute, but his/her IP address had already been blocked earlier.
This verifies, that the spammer had used more than 1 Forum account.

@ all:

To avoid confusion with already addressed stuff, please report any spam PM which was received AFTER 5th August 2020.

i will be vigilant because I also received a bad ‘hi’ spam PM from v4guyq4 on last 29th july !
Thanks to fully clean this situation.

Hi just wanted to let you know looks like the forums getting spammed getting a lot of random PMs.