[REQUEST] 1285LV4 support in Supermicro X10SLM+-F Bios


I am looking to get support for the E3-1285LV4 in the Supermicro X10SLM±F bios. The documentation and changelogs indicate that the E3-V4 Xeon Broadwell chips should be supported, but for whatever reason the E3-1285LV4 does not seem to get past the “System Initializing 15” POST message. The system runs just fine with the currently installed E3-1240LV3 though.

Here is a link to the bios:

Sure that the cpu is OK? Checked in another board?

CPU works as expected on another board. Second 1285LV4 that was tried in this board, with the same result.

I would attempt to do this myself, but I do not have access to a window system to run the tools.

The issue seems to boil down to the revision of my board. I am unable to utilize any version of broadwell, it seems.