[REQUEST] 990fxa-gd80 bios that can boot to PCIe NVMe M.2 ssd


I was wondering if anyone has made a custom BIOS for 990FXA-GD80

I have PCIe card "icy-box-pcie-card-with-m2-m-key-socket"

Paired with kingston-a2000-500gb-nvme-m2-ssd

…and would like to BOOT to this drive with Windows10

I have been able to install windows10 on the drive, but when I boot it says the installation is corrupt and that the OS need to be repaired and is missing files.
Has anyone ever got PCIe NVMe M.2 cards to work booting on this motherboard?
I am not technical enough to custom make a bios, so I was hoping someone could help me if so.
I currently have the last BIOS 13.6 on the motherboard.

And the disk shows up in BIOS, but i am not able to boot from it successfully

Hoping for assistance.



please dumb your bios

turns out these bioses have no new updates and only support nvme after getting into win10. gotta use a different solution

you can update your bios by modifying (new microcodes,modules) and can add support for nvme
[Experimental] NVMe Option ROM
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