[REQUEST] A320M-A PRO M2 modded bios to overclock Athlon 220GE

hi i want modded bios to be unable to overclock the cpu i have , thank you.

@Lost_N_BIOS please can u check my thread ? :frowning:

Hello ? Why tf im felling ignored?

@emanuel1996 - Sorry your thread has been missed until now!! It’s VERY busy around here, as I’m sure you noticed!
Sorry I have not seen this until you made your other thread, I promise you it was not because you were being ignored!

Please link me to the BIOS download page and tell me what BIOS version you want me to look at.
Please don’t give me the BIOS download link, I want the page you download from, that way I can keep BIOS in a properly named folder

* Edit - Is is this one, and you are using latest BIOS v14?

Show me some images of your BIOS, you can use F12 to screenshot to USB, then put in max compressed zip and upload to any free file host
Show me the main page when you get in there, then show me inside OC section if you see it (From top to bottom)

Also, please go ahead and do this, in case M-Flash will not let you flash in mod BIOS, see “Annex” section at end of post #1, dump BIOS using that method and send to me with above images
We may not need, and I will send you quick simply edit to test what M-Flash says, but we’ll do this now just in case so we’re ready and less delays later
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

@Lost_N_BIOS saw to late , will do tomorrow but i have this question : u rly can unlock the motherboard and cpu to accept it ? The example is, i change cpu ratio to 3.6 ghz , i save but on windows cpuz still show stock ghz … i return to bios and show 3.6ghz

@emanuel1996 - Sorry, your question is not very clear, and what you describe is not clear either. What are you looking at CPU speed with in windows? If not CPU-z, check with that instead
What power plan do you have set, what power options do you have enabled/disabled in the BIOS etc.
Many things affect CPU speed, not just what ratio you set in the BIOS.

I can make hidden settings visible for you, that’s all I would be doing here. I don’t know anything about overclocking AMD, or what AMD CPU’s can overclock etc.

* edit - @emanuel1996 - Here, quick test, do not rename this file, put on root of USB and then enter BIOS, then M-Flash and try to flash this BIOS
Does M-Flash let you, or say NO? This it to save you from doing the stuff in “Annex” section of thread I linked above, if M-Flash lets you flash mod BIOS then nothing more you need to do about that stuff I mentioned.

@Lost_N_BIOS on cpu-z show 3.4ghz when i play games or i see something 4k on youtube for example , the power plan on windows is all set to max , on bios i have no idea what i can change , only disable amd cool and quiet.
tried that file on M-Flash and it let me do it .

What does CPU-z show for stock speed, without OC applied, when you game and at idle? And what speed does your OC show at idle?
Sounds like you just need to disable correct power saving features in BIOS, but for AMD I am not sure what all those are to keep same speed idle/load
Thanks for test result, that means we can use M-Flash and you don’t have to use the flashrom method
Once you send me the images I asked for, I can reveal the rest of the settings hidden from you.
Also, add this to the list, inside OC, show me top to bottom of “CPU Features” if you have that submenu in there. I think you also need to disable C6

@Lost_N_BIOS for some reason i cant take printscreens on bios with USB on it lol , i did with my phone hope u can see everything clear , also theres the cpu-z screen on it too.

well u cant unlock it right?

@emanuel1996 - If there is settings hidden from you, I can reveal them
Thanks for the images, I will check and do it now

* Edit - Please redo all OC images again, but this time with OC Explore Mode set to Expert

@Lost_N_BIOS with Explore Mode not show more options

@Lost_N_BIOS so ?

@Lost_N_BIOS hello ?!

Lost as been away since January