[Request] Above 4G Decoding/Resizable BAR for Insyde BIOS

Hi all, I have a Alienware Laptop here (Haswell HM87) and got my hands on RTX A4500 MXM GPU. It doesn’t post and I am told it’s because GPU requires above 4g decoding/resizable bar.

I found the resizable bar thread by @Kuri0 and from what I can see, I can add the DXE to the BIOS right under the NVMe DXE in BIOS (I think I am doing this part correctly) using UEFITool.

The problem is, my unlocked bios doesn’t seem to have the option above 4g decoding. This part I tried looking up and can’t figure out how to add/check. Can someone help me with my bios for above 4g decoding?

Thank You
bios.zip (2.4 MB)

An old 8 Series laptop with a modern RTX… wot a surprise… and bold move also.

In not even gona mention your other post… and the funny “requirements” were told to you by whoever or any other BS you are trying to sell here…

Use IFR tool on the dump and youll find the strings/variables inside your bios.
The “4Gb” its there or its not, period.

EDIT: The “Search box” in the forum is your friend…and last time i checked was working as it should.

EDIT: We cant please all…so sorry, im not a “Supra summu” and im not here to solve user requests in their “unknow terrain” adventures, specially on those who omit their failures and procedures done before they come here crying, i had already a feeling that vbios flashing attempts was part of the 43 code issue… but “i forgot to mention my adventures”…xiiii hate laziness… and “smart” ones, but i do like the term “Equivalent”… seems like NVidia is cheating on us all…
Good luck on your endeavour, you can report later here your success…just to piss me off, boy.

Do I select my bios file in IFRExtractor? Because it just says unknown. Or do I need to extract some part in UEFITool first? This is where I am stuck right now. Also I added the dxe module under nvme module as seen in screenshot. I assume this part is at least correct? Keep in mind I’ve never edited a BIOS before and am trying to learn so I may be missing something obvious to you.

As for the “requirements” I am skeptical myself, but this is directly from the manufacturer, so I will take their word for it, for now. I did get the GPU to post by flashing a different vBIOS but it gives me code 43 in device manager, so I figured original vBIOS with above 4g decoding/resizable bar may work.

I already have Quadro RTX 3000 (RTX 2060 equivalent) working in 7 series Alienware and this 8 series Alienware. Was hoping A4500 (3070Ti equivalent) would plug right in place of old GPU. There’s a lot of us with MXM laptops that have upgraded over the years. Not like today’s BGA laptops that are fixed.

EDIT: @MeatWar this section is called “Requests” - “for users, who are not able to do it themselves” if you cannot help, don’t bother replying.


Thank You! When I try searching for “4G Decode” nothing happens. I assume this text is no where to be found in bios?

@ssj92 It says to search for “4G Decod” not “4G Decode”

Sorry, got too excited. 4G Decod also doesn’t provide any hits. What would be my options at this point?

@Kuri0 I was told other option is called “Above 4GB MMIO BIOS assignment” , when I search for “MMIO” UefiTool says it it found it. Then I extract the body, protocol shows UEFI.

When I open the txt file, and search for MMIO, it says nothing is found.

setup IFR.zip (80.5 KB)

@Kuri0 I found this “MAX TOLUD” in BIOS. Seems to be similar to 4g decode from what I am reading.

Is it possible to modify the 3.25GB value to support above 4GB? In Dynamic setting, GPU-Z reports ABove 4G Decoding is off still