[REQUEST] Acer Aspire 9920 Bios

I have a problem with my 9920.
I need the driver file and flashit.exe if i’m correct?


Edit by Fernando: Thread title corrected. A BIOS file is not a driver and has nothing to do with a driver.

EDIT: FLASHIT is for specific bios versions, mostly H2Oinsyde…the 9920g uses old Phoenix and the tools are in the zip files linked. Other than that, CRISIS recover… so i dont know and dont want to know what have you been reading about FLASHIT regarding its use on your Aspire model, you asked for help on bios files and my aid was provided.

Okay so I just drag the zip file to my usb and hold the key combo?

And I cant flash it as im running Win10…

This is an old model, must be flashed with Vista/7 and even maybe x86 OS, not x64.
If the machine is working, no bios recovery with combination keys is needed here.
The best you can get is a bricked machine if you dont know what your doing…flashit, recovery, usb, combination keys… clearly you dont.

By the way, what bis version you have in the current machine? Why are trying to update? This model suffers from a know fail issue in the NVidia G86 GPU, a bios flash will not fix it.