[Request] Acer Aspire VN7-791 Advanced BIOS

Hello! I have Acer Aspire VN7-791 and it’s
Advanced and Power menu are hidden.
I need access them.

bios version is 1.14 from off site

I did exactly as Lost_N_BIOS said and got current bios dump as attached.

Can anybody help me? Thanks!

biosreg.zip (2.71 MB)


BIOS mod: bububu.zip. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder, do sleep bug and run “FLASH.bat”.
Switch “User Access Level” setting to “Full” in BIOS Security tab.

Thanks a lot! It worked!


I have an Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition - VN7 791G
I have read through previous posts from users with a similar laptop and I am going to attempt enabling nvme support.
Attached is my biosreg with no password and secure boot disabled.
Bios Version is 1.14 and i have tested the bios dump and rewrite using the sleep bug and it was successful.

Motherboard Chipset: Intel HM86 (Lynx Point)
Intel ME Version: 9.1, Build 1010, Hot Fix 2

After i have the modified bios i will be using this guide:
Post #20

biosreg file:

Thank You

BIOS mod: shakkz.zip

Thank You very much for providing the bios.
I will let you know if its successful.

Thanks Again