[Request] Acer Aspire Z1620 (h61h aio v1.1) CPU support upgrade

Hello, I have an All-In-One Acer Aspire Z1620 with MoBo H61H-AIO v1.1 wich actually supports Ivy Bridge 3rd gen intel processor, it have an Intel Celeron G1610 and works fine, I want to upgrade with an Intel Core i5 3470, could it be done by BIOS modding?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have my actual bios file obtained from CH341a. BIOS

You know already what the other user @ fr0n1k on the thread you linked yesterday, has done.
So ask him what was done and if the replacement of the SPI IC to 8mb is indeed needed.

I don’t know why but my bios SPI IC is already 8mb size, and supports ivy bridge, but not the processor I need

Ask him what’s was done, mCode, ME8.1 or blacklist in bios code.
Share the dump of your bios or no one can analyse it.
New users initially wont be allowed to post files directly but you can share it on your sharing/cloud service of you preference and attach the link on your posts.