[Request] Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-42)

Hi, i offer 1x 10€ for a working Acer Nitro 5 (AMD Version) BIOS MOD

would be great if you could unlock the Overclocking (CPU + RAM) and APU “used ram” settings!

latest: 1.13


btw - i can give more money next month (25eur) - but this month it can only be 10eur (because i am broke xD)


@ Benman2785

FYI you are on the [OFFERS] BIOS “WXYZ” page: ie. you should be posting SOLUTIONs here…?

Try posting your REQUEST on the the BIOS Modding and Problems page:

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@Benman2785 - I can mod this BIOS, but do you have a programmer, or know correct/safe method to flash mod BIOS on your board (usually some method of AFU).
Or, have you confirmed stock BIOS, with simple/single edit, ran through UBU making no other changes and then saving as mod_BIOS, wont flash in using BIOS built in flash tool (rename BIOS to stock name)
If you need me to send you some simple edit BIOS as this test file, let me know.

Moving thread to correct forum section

@Lost_N_BIOS thank you for your answer

usually ACER has a way to flash recovery bios via: USB-stick + bios file correct name + press and hold some keys while you turn on // but i can ask in Acer-Forum if anyone knows the correct way.
if not - how much is a bios programmer that would work for my laptop? and do i need to solder the chip?

i would love to have this features:
CPU Voltage Control + RAM OC (Speed, maybe Timings) + TDP Control (Acer limits to 30W - i would want 35W or 42W)

here bios file


Acer send me how to name the file to flash it manually - if it bricks my BIOS i will buy a clip to manually flash the Bios (i hope i dont need to resolder it again)

so we can start now :wink:

push :wink:

do you have time to start modding the BIOS? :wink:

From PM - easier to edit and keep track of stuff here -

I may not be able to unlock hidden menus, will have to look more and let you know. But I can make visible any hidden stuff in menu sections you can already see (I need BIOS images of pages you can see now)
BIOS Setting defaults I can change in place, vBIOS changes not sure, but if there is a BIOS setting for it then better luck (Is this integrated GPU, or add-on GPU?)
Legacy Boot - can do/is in BIOS

You’ve been wanting mod BIOS since May, and still have not purchased flash programmer + SOIC8 test clip with cable yet? Order that now already
This really required, since most all tools spit out mismatched /unrelated settings vs actual here when trying to look at or dump BIOS settings to text (Example below)

prompt = STRING_TOKEN(STR_0x01D2) /SATA Port 0:/,
help = STRING_TOKEN(STR_0x01D1) /Enabled/Disabled the device connected to the dedicated SATA port/,
maximum = 0x1,
minimum = 0x0,
option text = STRING_TOKEN(STR_0x001F) /Configures ACPI Tables/Features setting./, value = 1, flags = 0x00; <<< Setting 1 - see how it’s not related to the actual setting named above - should be = enable xxx SATA Port
option text = STRING_TOKEN(STR_0x0020) /PCI Slot4 IRQ Priority/, value = 0, flags = 0x10; << Setting 2 - See above, should be disabled - SATA Port

Probably 80% of stock BIOS dumps out text like this in any/all tools, BIOS dumped with programmer may be same too it may just be how this BIOS is coded to stop people from messing around, but it would be great to have a dump to check and confirm before sending out any edits.

I think I can change any setting with UVE though, I tested making a change, importing into BIOS, saving, and then opening that BIOS and dumping with UVE and changes were properly saved/dumped.
Here, looks like Legacy mode is enabled by default - see below, but this may be for option rom not actual boot mode?

IDE Configuration
(0x145, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0x415) SATA
Callback ID = 0x16
(0)[ ] Disabled
(1)[] Auto (Default)

(0x39, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0x43E) SATA Configure as
Callback ID = 0x17
(0)[ ] IDE
] AHCI (Default)

(0xFA, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0x48B) AHCI supporting as
Callback ID = 0x18
(0)[] Legacy Mode (Default)
(1)[ ] UEFI Mode

(0x147, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0x4D6) Force Raid Mode
Callback ID = 0x19
] Disabled (Default)
(1)[ ] Enabled


then there is this, probably more what you wanted to be set to legacy
********** Boot *******
(0x79, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0xE0) Boot Mode:
Callback ID = 0xa015
] UEFI (Default)
(1)[ ] Legacy

(0x228, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0x141) Secure Boot:
Callback ID = 0xae20
] Enabled (Default)
(0)[ ] Disabled

OC/Ram speed etc is there, but I don’t see “TDP”, however it may be named differently or controlled by some other setting (maybe you will recognize)
Here is text output from UVE. Make a separate list of the changes in a text file you want, and I can edit this way. Example below, of what I want you to copy into a new text file for each thing you want changed and how I want you to mark it.

(0x79, 1, 0xB07398139D839CF0, 0xE0) Boot Mode:
Callback ID = 0xa015
] UEFI (Default)
(1)[ ] Legacy << set to this


Really need to see images of all your BIOS pages before I do anything though, so I can at least make visible stuff that is hidden from you on pages you can already see.

please tell me which soic8 clip and programmer i need - would be my first :wink:

SCREENS: https://imgur.com/a/heyhTxX

@Lost_N_BIOS hey - please tell me what clip i need to buy. - if you sell one on ebay i would buy from you!

also here a list of mods i need:

1. RAM OC - like DDR4-3000 CL14 // with latest bios i flashed my ram now clocks dynamic - i dont want that
2. change Templimit: instead of 75°C i would like 80°C or 85°C - maybe selectable
3. disable dGPU in BIOS - so when i am on battery i can simply use APU in Games like Overwatch - which otherwise would use P0-State of dGPU
4. disable forced throttle to 1600MHz when on battery // i only can overwrite p1&p2 states on ALL cores - it doesnt boost anymore but still thermal throttles when hitting 75°C - is usefull when gaming on APU

nice to haves:
5. change TDP - like 15W; 20W; 25W; 30W; 35W; 40W; 45W // isnt needed 100% because i can still do it via software!

btw - i know how to flash recovery-bios (Acer employee told me - but i am not able to post this openly - but i can tell you via pm) - so we can start.
if you really want me to buy a clip you should tell me which i need
i posted the pictures of Bios last post

25€ (via Paypal) can be yours if you mod it :wink:

@Benman2785 - Sorry I missed your post until now!! You need CH341A + SOIC8 test clip w/ cable.
No, I don’t sell these items, here is cheap shipped (long wait from China) examples on ebay, but you can find them shipped faster on ebay for more $$, or in kits, or shipped faster locally or from places like Amazon

So, wait, this recovery method (I assume “Special BIOS Name” BIOS on FAT32 USB + Shhut down >> Press >> FN + ESC + power) Is that correct? If not, yes, send me in PM.
And, what does this do, this mean you can flash any BIOS this way? If yes, maybe we don’t need programmer, but we can test if you want before you get one, or wait until it arrives (in case you need to recover from bad flash)

no problem, i am not impatient :wink:

with the method (FN + ESC + Power // with correct biosname on Fat32 stick (not allowed to share name)) i should be able to flash ANY bios :wink:

yet to get 100% sure i will buy the clip - also better as fail-safe
yet i think we can start in 2 weeks

have a great weekend


i bought https://www.ebay.de/itm/402118969625

Hey! Good to see you are not totally mad! I get buried easily here, can never keep up, so I loose stuff often in the massive swirl of BIOS discussions

BIOS name you’re not allowed to share, is specific for each model, and I already know how to get it in the BIOS. For example, this model secret name is DH5JVx64.fd
I was only asking if that was same/similar method you meant?

This kind of thing is public knowledge, they just didn’t want you talking about it, adding more info out into the public sphere than what’s already floating around (It’s their job to try to not tell secrets as much as they can keep quiet you know )

That kit should work fine. I forgot to ask what is your BIOS chip ID, just in case you also need 1.8V adapter.
You will have to look at it in person, I don’t know a way to find it for AMD without doing that (Intel we can use FPT to get this detail)

You have a good weekend too!

it arrived yesterday - now i only need to know how to use it xD

bios chip id? you mean bios version?
or do i have to loook for it on my laptop mobo?

and yes i mean that way of flashing bios - this should also allow modded bios

NEW BİOS UPDATE: https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles…BC=ACER&SC=PA_6

thnaks man you saved me al ot of time this work with my laptop too of course with spisific file name

@Benman2785 - Sorry, seems I missed your reply until now! BIOS chip ID, you read off the chip itself, you may need to use flashlight and magnifying glass.
Yes, I know how to unlock this BIOS now

sry for the late response :wink:

i will read the bios-chip this week :wink:

hello, can i continue this request? i think the TS did not continue unlocking his laptop.