[REQUEST] Acer Predator PH317-52


I am looking for somebody to mod my BIOS so that I have access to the advanced tabs and advanced features of the Insyde H20 BIOS v1.26 rev.5.00 .

Following other guides from user Lost_N_BIOS
I’ve done Step #1
Now you should be at the command prompt.
You are going to BACKUP the factory un-modified firmware, so type the following command:
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin "
I’ve attached my bios dump.

However following Step #2
Right after you do that, try to write back the BIOS Region dump and see if you get any error(s).
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin "

I get this error - Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.

FPT Operation Failed.

Thank you very much!
(Let me know if you need more information)

biosreg.zip (3.76 MB)

I need your variables copy to disable Protected Range Registers.
Run “GET VARS.bat” from this archive and share the output file “vars.txt”.

Hi, attached the output from vars.bat

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

vars.txt (239 KB)

raivusiks.zip. Set vars, reboot your device and then flash the bios. Please, respond if additional menus appeared.
Let me know if you’re facing difficulties in flashing process.


Thanks worked like a charm. Now i have the additional menu. I could change the PL1 and PL2 values in the bios. However I’m still stuck with the default PL values. I guess ACER has somehow hard-coded the PL1 and PL2 values.
It’s a shame that the supposedly “GAMING” laptop is locked to Power Limit even tho i can provide adequate cooling for it to run higher GHZ… :frowning: