[REQUEST] ACER Predator PO7-650 desktop - Intel ME Disabling/Downgrade MOD

Hi folks, I am trying to disable ME to make new Xeon Raptor lake to work on my MB, so basically I tried injecting microcodes that I extracted from another device which supports this CPU, but PC still make No POST, but tries to starts longer, than before injecting the microcodes. I had simmilar expirience previously on the other platforms and I was able to fix it by disabling ME with Coffeetime, but, this time it’s not working(coffetime can’t recognize ME version) :frowning: Can annyone help with modding my bios rom, please? Thanks! Here is the ROM - Dropbox

Coffeetime was back in ME11… sir this system of yours uses ME v16 CONS H image, you can’t compare such actions on such modern system, downgrade bios and/or ME in the oldest bios image you can get hold of, may be an option but i doubt it work. This could be also HW design/lock by ACER.
My pov only, you should wait for other users point of view.