[request] add cpu dual-core E7600 to 775i65g rev. 3.0

It is possible to add the E7600 cpu to the 775i65g rev. 3.0?

By CPU specs on the support page… it should. The E7300 is there, same specs as the E7600, 45nm, Wolfdale core, 3MB, 1066 FSB.


The bios contains the mcode for it: CPUID=1067A Rev=A07 2008/04/09 CRC=83067F5A Off=24330 Size=2000 Plat=0,4

EDIT: To do what? Already told you, i checked the bios and the cpu mcode its there as its the same for E7300 already supported by the motherboard and listed on the website product page.

I can’t do it … Can anyone do it?