[REQUEST] Add microcode 50653 to ASROCK EPC621D8A BIOS

As the topic suggest. I did a huge misstake thinking my recently bought Xeon Platinum P-8124 (SR2YS SKL B1 50653) was the same thing as a Platinum 8124m so I can’t use my new servermobo :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

BIOS file: download.asrock.com/BIOS/Server/EPC621D8A(2.10)ROM.zip

I can provide an upload URL if someone solves this issue and needs a place to upload the modded BIOS.

Thanks in advice

Here, try this file

C621D8A2.rar (8.71 MB)

Thanks a million! Sadly it didn’t work.

I did a “instant flash” with your modded BIOS on a working Xeon Bronze 3106 (microcode 50654) and it did POST, but when i switched CPU it didn’t. So either my CPU is broken or there’s something with the BIOS.


Page 10 Suggest it’s the correct microcode though…

Intel microcode.jpg

Most of the times cpu support is not always as simple as microcodes, while microcodes is required most of the times for a cpu to boot, but the bios itself also needs to support it. All i only did was just inserting the microcode you requested + updating ME.

Alright. I greatly appreciate your efforts, once again: Thank you.

I’ll think I’ll have to dive into this myself and do some research.

Have a nice one!

I’m pretty sure the BIOS supports this model, but in any case, could I trouble you with putting the same microcode etc as you did before but on this old BIOS?


It troubles me that I can’t get my head around which guide and which resources i need to follow/learn from on this forum

When i start the server it gets stuck on the following during POST

I guess it has something to do with the Stepping of the CPU which is B1?

B1 stepping.jpg

Here you go

New.rar (8.25 MB)

No luck, thanks for taking your time!