[REQUEST] Adding DDR3 support to Aptio IV

I have two boards, an asus p5q deluxe(with the aptio 4 beta efi bios installed) and a p5q3 deluxe(with the factory amibios).

I’ve noticed that litterally, the only difference between the two boards is that p5q has ddr2 slots and p5q3 has ddr3 slots.
Other than that minor difference, they are litterally identical, same chipsets, same layout same wifi lan card same everything.

And P5Q deluxe has the beta EFI bios available, which i like and i decided to do an experiment of swapping the P5Q Deluxe’s bios chips with EFI Beta bios installed into the P5Q3 Deluxe. Sure enough, after powering it up, the only error thats preventing it from posting, is that P5Q Deluxe bios seems to not detect any ram(pc speaker beep code - no ram installed) since it probably has no DDR3 support.

And now the question is, would it be possible to patch the DDR3 support into the beta Aptio 4 efi bios for p5q deluxe i am attaching? So that it can be used on P5Q3 Deluxe?

If someone knows how to patch in ddr3 support, please patch the attached rom.