[Request] Adding "Processor Local APIC structure" entries (for Clarksfield support)

Hello everyone.
-Samsung R580 (Bremen-M v1.3 i5-430M/GF-330M, HM55)
-Need to add support for 840 QM CPU “Clarksfield” (106E5 microcode present)

Long story short - it’s not a HW problem and all goes to a lack of “Processor Local APIC structure” entries. I do have only 4 total and not 8 (as described by Calbris here bellow):

So, is it possible to add such 4 extra entries at all?
Would be happy to get any help.

Link to my BIOS backup.

840 QM should work with 4 threads if it just needs more cpu entries in APIC.
Can you confirm if the laptop boots?

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You mean to disable the Hypethreading in BIOS settings? I would try.

I didn’t mention it. I asked if the laptop boots with 840 QM.
If it doesn’t, the bios needs integrated graphics as mandatory.

No, it didn’t. While it had xxJB BIOS (like 05JB and up to 11JB ) it gave black screen with no USB activity, no initialization. Turning off the Hyperthreading support didn’t work either BUT:
-After I flashed 08JA BIOS (the same platform/HW as described at this topic) it started to work.
-I got 8 instead of 4 APIC entries
-The ONLY bug I saw is 0 Temp of system board and average CPU temp at AIDA64. Per core temps works fine and fan works well too.
-16GB Ram works now. Overheating is not a problem, used PTM7950, no throttling, pretty silent and comfort work.

Here is the link to a zip archive with screenshots and the 08JA BIOS with clear ME.