Request adding QX9300 CPU Microcode on bios Hp G61 440EL notebook

Hi everyone!

I have a laptop Hp G61-440EL, bios version F.23
The main reason I need a new bios is that i would change my CPU with a new one QX9300

-Manufacturer: HP
-Models: HP G61 series with INTEL Processors
-Bios revision: F23
-Released: 14 Jan 2011
-Bios Type: Insyde

Adding CPU microcode for QX9300
- CPUIDs 67A (QGNG) 1067A (QCE1, SLB5J)

If someone could patch the bios, or give me an hand to patch it by myself i would be grateful.

Thanks guys all help is greatly appreciated.

I’ve already replied to you -…77610#pid177610
Adding microcode will not help.