Request adding QX9300 CPU to ACER 8930G notebook

Hi everyone!

I have a laptop ACER 8930G, bios version V1.20

I have patched my BIOS V1.20, adding microcode to it to work with QX9300 processors. I added the patched BIOS file and a separate file with the microcode for the QX9300 to the post. I hope to replace my P7350 processor with a new QX9300.

-Manufacturer: ACER

-Models: AS8930G series with INTEL Processors

-Chipset: Mobile Intel® PM45 Express

-Bios revision: V1.20

-Released: 07/28/2009

-Bios Type: H2O Insyde


Adding CPU microcode for QX9300

  • CPUIDs 67A (QGNG) 1067A (QCE1, SLB5J)

    These laptops came with Q9000 processors with MBASZ0B004 motherboards but in my case it is MBASZ0B001 motherboard and I would like to implement Core 2 Quad support on it.

    I isolated 5 legs of my QX9300 processor, these are D8, AA7, AA8, AC8 and AE8, and gave a GTLREF signal from the socket contact from AD 26 to D 22, the laptop turns on the voltage on the processor phases and the processor warms up, but I still do not have Images.

    I have added a schematic PDF file for the MBASZ0B001 platform. For the MBASZ0B004 platform, I did not find a circuit, but I think they are not very different.

    I think this would help many people to extend the life of their laptop. ACER 8930G is a very good device, which is difficult to find a replacement.

    If someone could help me get me running my QX9300 in my laptop, I would be grateful.

    I am well versed in electronics and circuitry so I can follow your guide.

    Thanks guys all help is greatly appreciated.

Aspire 8920 8930 (TETON2).pdf (812 KB)