[Request] Adding SATA hot-swap to industrial motherboard

First of all, thank you for this useful forum. Using the information on this site I was able to add NVME support to my server.

The motherboard is a BCM MX81H industrial motherboard and it uses a fairly standard AMI Aptio v4 UEFI BIOS. I would like to add menu options that allow me to enable SATA hot swap on all 4 SATA ports. The chipset should support this feature, it just isn’t exposed in the BIOS menu.

Any help would be appreciated. I have attached both the OEM BIOS as well as my version modified with NVME support.

MX81H.zip (5.9 MB)


Try this mod then respond to the result.

Thank you, this mod added the hot swap settings I needed as well as many additional others. I have attached the screenshots you requested. I don’t believe anything has been added to those menus compared to the previous BIOS

screenshots.zip (1.26 MB)


1. Asked screenshots is in order to unlock more hidden options ,now try this mod then check chipset tab and power tab again.

2. I also noticed that if you enable option RTC under power tab ,it should show other options(Wake system Mode…etc) ,you could try.

I tried the new mod and this one seemed to unlock the extra options under the chipset and power tab. It also enabled the extra settings under RTC that you mentioned

screenshots_2.zip (1.3 MB)