[REQUEST] Adding Xeon E3-1265L v4 support to Lenovo M73 Tiny

Hello everyone!

I have found the forum pretty resourceful and up to now, I could always rely on the documentation available to work around the problems I had. My question this time though is a little harder to answer.

I have bought a Lenovo M73 Tiny, a machine that has an LGA1150 socket, H81 chipset and support for up to 35W CPU (47W could be working as well according to what I read online). The CPU I bought thinking it would be supported out of the box is the Xeon E3-1265L v4, a 35W quad-core Broadwell CPU that has an Iris Pro P6300 embedded, which I believe is the best upgrade I could make for this box. Only thing is doesn’t seem to support my CPUID with the current BIOS.

It has CPUID 40660 included which seem to be related to ES Crystal Well laptop CPUs. I can update the GOP driver with UBU Bios Editor at the first sight to support both Haswell and Broadwell and the fact it has Crystal Well support embedded gives me confidence something is possible with this configuration.

Anyone has an idea on what I should do to make it functional? I am guessing the Intel ME and the VBIOS versions updated and the introduction of a new microcode for CPUID 40671 could be enough, but I’m not quite sure. I already have an i3-4130T included and the SPI programmer on hand.

Wishing you a nice day,