[Request] AHCI for EEEPC 900HA

Some one managed to add AHCI option in the EEEPC 901 (roms modded and original attached). I have looked, read and tried to figure out how this was done in order t do it for my EEEPC 900HA, but no luck. 900HA and 901 have same chipset and same sata controller so if someone can look how it was done for 901 and explain how to do it for my 900HA. Thanks in Advance!

901-asus-2103A1_AHCI.zip (390 KB)

901-ASUS-2103.zip (393 KB)

900HA-ASUS-1301.zip (378 KB)

Hi bad_malin
i am trying this.
I’ll be back soon

Hi bad_malin

21031patch is for AHCI.
2103AS1patch is for AHCI and overclocking to 2Ghz.
Password is yutaka
You have to install ASUSUpdate.exe
Choose the rom you want.
Rename it 901.rom
Run asusupdate and let yourself be guided.
Restart windows.
Please to search on Google the 2 keys you have to update depending on the windows you use.
Restart windows …

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

@rififi Hi, I think you have misunderstood my request. I need AHCI for 900HA ROM not for the 901 one. I have attached the 901 ROM because its already modded and I thought that someone can look in to it to find out how its done and to mod the 900HA one.
Thank you!

I reiterate here: Hi! I need AHCI enabled. Also I saw that for EeePC 901 somebody overclocked to 2 Gb in BIOS. It will be nice, since the processor is 1,6 Gb. Thank you!