[REQUEST] Alienware 15 R3 dead bios after removing secure boot variables

Hello everyone!

I killed my AW15R3 (service tag: 2TF61G2) by erasing all secure boot variables (don’t ask me why i did it). But before I did it, I had saved them on my thumb drive. After that, the laptop didn’t start at all. It started flashing and beeping a LCD error (i have a video of that, but i can’t post it here due to the forum rules). There is no image on the screen, just blinking keyboard with power button and beeping.

The bios version was 1.9.0. I’m 99.9% sure that’s not a hardware problem, it had worked perfectly fine until I’ve done it.

So I’d brought the laptop to an unauthorized service where they made a dump of the old bios and flashed a new one (they found it on the internet). After that started to work, but it wasn’t a great experience because there is a hassle with powering on (it might go to BSOD with error code WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR). Now Windows doesn’t boot due to some driver issue and I wonder if there is a way to revive my old bios before new OS installation.

Thanks in advance.

values.zip (7.36 KB)

old_D751P_25Q128FV.zip (4.99 MB)

alien15R3.zip (4.89 MB)

Update on the situation.

Today I received my CH341A and made a dump of the current bios (chip is W25Q128FV). It doesn’t pass the verification test with the following message “Chip Main Memory with the contents are in disagreement” (software version is 1.29). Probably it has broken due to some updates.
I think that the problem might be that the bios those servicemen had installed to me is from a laptop with a different CPU (Alienware 15 r3 comes with Skylake and Kabylake, I have i7 7700HQ), or didn’t clean ME region.

Update #2.

I’ve just flashed the bios from the thread “Alienware 15 r3 dead after bios update”, post #74 (bios #2), and the laptop seems to be working perfectly.
I guess this thread should be closed for now.