[Request] Alienware X51 R2 unlocking or modding in OC options for cpu ram or more ect. :X

I have an Alienware X51 R2 and I want to overclock my RAM, but there are no such options in BIOS.
PC has i7 4790, Gtx 760ti, H87 chipset and BIOS with Alienware skin, so I can say that it is 99% AMI, should be moddable and easy to add in options :smiley: . The bios last was updated in 2017 so not to bad but bare minimum settings the most simple I have ever seen its bad… even for a Alienware pc which makes no sense…for gaming.

here is the download for the bios on dells site:

tell me your thoughts or make send this to someone interested in trying :smiley:

with so many Alienware systems you would think someone was a expert in ami bios

AMI bios core is one platform base for OEM build their own bios, indeed most of them similar but always different, you cant simply add what is not there, in terms of regular mods, also…you just posted your request yesterday and this is a user forum not a MOD Shop 24h. Some regular mod laptop users, i havent seen them here yet on the “new home”…

Gotcha you cant post on the old forum right?

No… you post here on this forum, as all the old posts were transferred here to this new home.

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guessing not alot of people got time like they used to lol