[Request] Allow Gigabyte md71-hb0 to work with B0 cpus


I have read and followed the thread “Allow B0 stepping on Asus W621E Sage”.
Now i haave Giagabyte MD71-HB0, and would like to know what if the board can be modified to work with B0 cpus.


Bios link is here http://download.gigabyte.us/FileList/BIO…d71-hb0_R03.zip

Please see my reply here, then wait on plutomaniac to reply before we do anything else
Flashing Gigabyte while avoiding “Invalid BIOS image” (10)

I struggled a few days with this board. I was using hardware programmer and desoldered/soldered the chip a few times.
My final verdict is that it has some kind of BootGuard. No matter what BIOS version I tried (with or without ES microcodes) the board always stopped on POST code 635A, which is I believe stands for CPU error.
Another possibility is that the board is faulty, because I couldn’t try it with retail CPU. But it did not fry any of my ES CPUs (which is common for faulty motherboards in my experience) and has no bent pins.