[Request] Allowing control for BCLK and voltage for PCWinmax HM55A motherboard

Hello everyone,

I am posting this in regards to the BIOS of my PCWinmax HM55 motherboard. Its a very obscure motherboard and the BIOS is quite lackluster. I’d like to overclock some Arrandale/Clarksfield CPUs but I cannot adjust the BCLK or voltages of the CPUs at all. Would it be possible to modify the BIOS to allow overclocking on this board, or am I out of luck? If so, I would be willing to pay someone in order to adjust the BIOS for my needs.

Here is the board in question:

I will also have the BIOS ROM attached to this post. It uses an AMI BIOS (AMI 8 to be exact) and is on version 2.67. The BIOS is from late 2014 and I have not been able find any updated versions. I emailed PCWinmax about a month ago, and still havent received a response from them. I have also noticed that the BIOS is nearly identical to various Chinese branded H55 (non M) boards that use Lynnfield/Clarkdale CPUs. (I have a ROM from one of the H55 boards that I can upload if needed.)

I appreciate any help/input I can get about this. I’d like to document this board a bit more as it is quite obscure, but that is difficult when the stock BIOS is garbage lol.

Thank you!

PCWinmaxHM55BIOS.zip (579.0 KB)

Open it with AMIBCP tool 3.x, check the available options to unlock if present for what you need, if not present…so sry.

I’ve already done that. The only hidden options for the CPU were C1E support and an adjustable TJmax.