[REQUEST] Alternative/mod BIOS - Intel Nuc X15 laptop - LAPKC71F (hm570, 11800h, rtx 3070)

I’ve got an Intel Nuc x15 w’ RTX 3070 - LAPKC71F that I’ve been trying to find a stable 64gb ram pair for. The current XMP implementation doesn’t work properly (does not stick to 1.2v, always ups to 1.35v, even when 1.2v profile), and the Intel techs are claiming it doesn’t even have XMP. It has been utterly unstable across 3 x 64gb ram pairs I’ve tried, but stable with both 16gb and 32gb pairs (the Intel compatible ram list had 2 x 64gb options, now it has only 1: G.Skill F4-3200C22D-64GRS).
Here’s my post on reddit with more detail about that.

There are many x15 reports of this ram being stable in 64gb and 32gb pairs, but I’m unsure whether these are running on the *F model - 1180h/3070.

The ram that I have that I would like to work is: Kingston Fury Impact, 64 GB (2x32 GB), 3200MHz, DDR4, which has not even been stable at default: DDR4-3200 CL20-22-22 @1.2V - and after much research, every issue points to the bios on the LAPKC71F not effectively supporting 64gb pairs.

There are a LOT of Intel Nuc X15’s in the market, sold by various different brands worldwide (here’s a google search of all the ones I know of), and there’s also the Alienware x17 R2 which has the same Mobo: hm570 w; the same 11800h, and the x17 supports a lot more, faster ram.

Given these various x15 models are the EXACT same machine (or have the same mobo/chip/gfx, like: x17 r2), I was thinking that modding a more-stable bios from another machine to run my 64gb ram might be viable.

Intel Nuc x15 - LAPKC71F


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Kingston Fury Ram Specs

Bumping this as well. Currently on a nuc xi7 that has the same motherboard.

Has anyone tried flashing a modified bios to this motherboard either through software or a physical programmer ?

Just want to unlock hidden bios settings.