[Request] AMD Radeon new driver (pre-GCN)

Hi guys and especially Fernando. I found out that my laptop with ATI Radeon HD 5000 supports a newer (but unofficial thus non-whql) driver and I wanted badly installed on my laptop. Obviously, the non-whql part is a big issue and the “Test Mode” is not a good idea for me. So my question is, is it possible to integrate this driver with Win Raid CA if i humbly and politely ask you so? The newer modded driver is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/888h06j84x…7.X.X_April.exe
Thank you very much to all!

@alexceltare2 :
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I am sorry, but I generally do not digitally sign any offered drivers upon request. My digitally signature would not help you anyway, because AMD will not release any graphics driver to the public without having given them a digital signature. The WHQL stamp is something totally else.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I see. So there is no way. I’m quite sad thinking that i tried many things but failed. Ok then. Thank you Fernando for your nice and fast reply.

One last question though. Why do you think this driver can’t be digitally signed since is a modded driver from AMD? Your Intel NVMe driver is modded as well.

@alexceltare2 :

I can digitally sign any driver, but I do it only with drivers, which have been modded and tested myself.
By the way: The Company AMD doesn’t offer any driver (not even a Beta one), which hasn’t been digitally signed by AMD.

I’m pretty sure the driver which I’ve given you is without signature because I’ve tested it and it gives me the infamous Error 52. Yes, other AMD drivers from their website works well, even the beta ones which are not WHQL because indeed, they have been signed by AMD as it shows in device manager. The driver which I posted is from another community which modify newer driver unposted by AMD (1 year newer to be precise) but they aren’t signed and i tried myself with a “self-signed Authenticode certificate” and imported in Trusted Authority and no success. Thanks again.

@alexceltare2 :
As I have already written, I do not sign any driver upon request and less than ever drivers, which have been modified by someone else.