[Request] Aorus 16x

Hi! I have an aorus 16x 13650hx with rtx4060 and the laptop is locked for overclocking/undervolting. I wanted to unlock it by removing the “Overclocking Lock” in bios, but to no avail. The CpuSetup variable store is write-protected and i cannot change the offset for “Overclocking Lock” to 0x0 (value for disabling). Is there something I can do to disable the write-protection and consequently removing the overclocking lock? Or maybe can i somehow store a copy of my bios, mod it manually and then reflash? I’m new to all this and not aware what can impede me on my way.

If there is a working method to achieve my goal, would like to know what software can i use to mod/flash and if there are any risk of doing it, e.g. if flashing can stop in the mid way due to some protection kicking in and consequently bricking my laptop. Thank you in advance!