[Request] ARM64 aarch64 Lenovo Yoga C630 Snapdragon 850 Laptop AMI BIOS / UEFI Qualcomm

This is one of the Windows ARM notebooks that also has a traditional UEFI BIOS. I believe it is stored on one of the partitions.

According to Microsoft, the Snapdragon 850 has support for HyperV virtualization instructions / extensions but by default they are not enabled in the BIOS.
The Samsung Galaxybook 2 supports it (something regarding EL2 or 3 being enabled).

USB boot devices above 32 GB not being detected in the boot menu but they used to be just one version before.

Any additional options to unhide and be made available would also be wonderful as the BIOS is extremely limited.

EDIT> I forgot to upload the BIOS, it is in the post below.


9UCN33WW.zip (4.58 MB)