Request -Aspire A315-34 BIOS Modding

Hello, can someone provide me a modded version of the Aspire A315-34? Needed for unlocking any hidden menus of the BIOS to better manage the little Celeron CPU, give it a little more juice and crank the fan speed to max settings.

Latest version of BIOS is 1.08.
BIOS file ID as pulled from Acer: Rose_GL_BIOS_V1.08_EC_V0108_20200701
Software: Insyde H2OFFT v5.79

Hello. I need your BIOS backup and also variables backup.

Thank you for your response. Intel ME version as reported by HWinfo is 4.0 Build 1311 Hotfix 20. So the only possible way to retrieve a bin file is via CSTXE System Tools v4 r6 since the above tool for the backup is not working. Would that do?

You can share the BIOS file you got it in any way from the device.