[Request] Asrock 990FX Extreme4 BIOS Nvme Mod

I have a Asrock 990FX Extreme4 but it does not boot the PCI Express card with Nvme Samsung evo 970 250 GB SSD installed on it, it sees it in the bios but can not install windows on it.

Any help wil be grately appreciated so please can you please help me out?

I have uploaded the windows file latest bios because I do not know how else to update the bios

can do a small PayPal donation.

Kind regards,

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990FX Extreme4(2.70)WIN.zip (2.89 MB)

@realcestmoi Here you go ^^

Make sure bios is on UEFI only, and sata mode is on AHCI (even if you’re using the pcie card, i still suggest using AHCI for sata :D)

Download and extract the file, copy paste the file to the flashdrive (make sure fd is on Fat32 Format), plug it on the top rear motherboard usb slot (not usb on the casing), then go to bios and find instant flash, then choose 990FX2.70, and wait till it finishes the update.

Make sure you use GPT and UEFI NON CSM option when doing rufus for windows 10.

Then on installing windows (installing windows via boot), do Shift + F10 on the installer BEFORE proceeding to install when choosing express or custom, select Custom rather than Express, then on cmd

type diskpart and enter, then type list disk and enter, then type select disk x (x corresponds to your SSD list on the list disk, make sure you know the ssd number on the list) and enter, then type convert gpt and enter. and then exit the cmd, and in Custom menu, select the SSD, delete the ssd partition (press X Delete on after clicking on SSD), then press on the ssd again, and click next. Hope you could install it :smiley:

For your ssd driver, usually windows driver is enough, but if you want to, here is the driver for the ssd from samsung website.

NVME.rar (2.64 MB)

Thanks very much for your effort to help out!

I am Dutch so pardon my French.

If the bios file is working I will donate 5 US dollar for your help so I need a PayPal address to sent it to.

What do you mean if you do rufus for windows 10, do you mean make a UEFI flash drive to install win 10?

@realcestmoi Correct! You would need to make a bootable drive using rufus, so better download windows 10 .iso file, download rufus, and while using rufus, select the win10 .iso you have been downloaded, make sure partition is on GPT and Target System is on UEFI (Non CSM), then start the process.

BEFORE You install the windows, please update the bios first. After updating the bios via instant flash, load default, Disable CSM to make sure eveything is UEFI, then proceed installing the windows on the ssd (pretty much you know how to, right?)

For the SSD, you could try to do the "diskpart" part that i wrote above while on windows, so that you could just install windows on ssd directly without the need to do diskpart during windows installation.

I will send you a dm for address.

Terima Kasih for the explanation.

I will install the new BIOS file and if it works by following your instructions to the letter I promise I will let a friend make the PayPal donation to your PayPal with subject: Asrock 990FX Extreme4 BIOS Nvme Mod so you will know I did it.

Nice Indonesian for Thank You i appreciate it XD

I hope this bios works, i’ll be waiting for results :smiley:

Sama Sama,

My Wife is half Malaysian half Indonesian so I know just a few words

When it is al done I will let you know the result.

How did it went, did it worked?

I am out for the weekend I hope to do it next week

@realcestmoi hello, i was wondering if you did flashed it and did it worked without any flaws?

Hi Adam Apa Khabar,

it worked, I do not have PayPal so I let my friend poldervaart make 5US Dollar to your PayPal account as promised.

Kind regards,

That’s great to hear it worked! i hope your NVME would work flawlessly :smiley: