[Request] ASRock B250M-Pro4-IB mod BIOS

Have this motherboard:
ASROCK b250M-pro4-IB

I got in a prebuilt years ago.
Apparently this mb used to allow overclock before some sort of bios/microcode limitation by intel?
All the parts in my pc work perfect
I’ve just been unable to overclock my i7 7700k and my RAM (3200mhz) is stuck at 2400 mhz

I plan on upgrading soon, so i just want this pc to last me till new years.
Is there a way to overclock? can someone mod the bios?

This is not the ASROCK b250m-pro4

This is the Asrock b250m-pro4-ib
it doesnt have bios updates on the official asrock site and i had to get only 3 available bios firmwares available from ibuypower support.
If someone needs the bios to mod:
download one of the following 3:
Thanks sooo much.
Also any risks to this?

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Always… the user must choose to advance on this matter, has the abilities to recover a death motherboard, have backups of the Bios and/or have a SPI Programmer and experience with it. Usually when they got lucky on a mod, its all-sweet form there…wrong, it can happen on a next attempt and to all of us.

The updated bios could have limited/removed the OC ability and/or the cpu mcodes that the OEM had updated in the bios releases.
There’s old mcodes that can be inserted back in bios image or you can downgrade the bios version, etc… this is all actions with certain risks and no one can assure you of anything.
This is a board with no dual bios or bios flash back feature…

[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)
Normal Asrock flash procedures can fail (security issues) due to modifications in bios image (mods…)
So several methods may be needed and not all possible (Bios Security Locks)

So general speaking… this is a bit time consuming from the user side, requires a bit of experience and the risks are always present.

Other similar cases, users had some success in cross flashing bios from the vendors, ex. as in your case, forced programming the Asrock B250M-PRO bios in your B250M-PRO4-IB motherboard.

You may wait for other users pov and maybe @chinobino can give you a hint about the mcodes, good luck.

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hmm the new bios software on the asrock site does say “improved memory capability” and “improved dram capability”
would it be worth trying those first?
I would still love it if someone could make it so i can OC my 7700k on this.
Ill try to read up on everything before I go ahead with flashing.

What i mean by trying those is trying to force flash those on to the bios?

Also crossflashing doesnt seem to work with the built in UEFI tool
It doesnt detect the regular asrock b250m pro4 drivers

Maybe someone can look into your bios and give an opinion about possible unlocked OC features etc… if present in the code and do remember that this is a B250 not a Z270/H270…
it was usual and still, oem’s provide oc features to sell better then in future bios releases some are removed…

EDIT: Cross flash is only with an SPI programmer, of course normal methods dont work…expected right, since your trying to trick and force the system…

Look the linked thread to see an example of a cheap CH341A programmer…

would I need a specific tool for that? sorry pretty much brand new to this stuff, I’m guessing i’d need an external tool for the crossflashing right?

You could try using Intel FPT, but wont sure if it would work. Like what MeatWar say, you need a CH341A Programmer for it.

If both B250M Pro4 and Pro4 IB were identical for the most part, it should be compatible, you could read it here for IB counter part crossflashed to the original board bios: Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S/ac BIOS CROSSFLASH Resizable BAR - #6 by Koekieezz

You would need CSME Tools v11 for this, find it here: File folder on MEGA (Source: Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15))

you mind just making a quick step by step of what to do?
haven’t used these tools before

just read my conversation with @BobbyBadBoy untill the part he succeed to use the original counterpart bios for his IB board :smiley:

I suggest you to also make a dump of your current bios just in case something happened, also use bios 1.20 of B250M-Pro4 and after you succeed, proceed to update to the latest bios (2.50) or any bios of that board that you want.

I have a file of my current bios already saved, I’ve just been instant flashing from my SSD, I have 3 compatible bios on my SSD (1.10p, 1.21L, 1.22L)

So What i’m gathering from the other post is,
I would take the new bios version from the retail board (B25MP2.50), put it into tool\win64 folder, run the CMSE tools latest version and flash, if it works, reboot into the bios and reflash the same retail bios again instantly using the instant flash.
if it doesn’t go successful, reflash the motherboard’s supported bios from ibuypower and reboot.
does this sound correct?

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Ok so I was able to crossflash it pretty easily, followed all the steps, still dont see much new in the mb tbh.
I might try to mod the bios now to see what I can do, if I could readd the BCLK option or not.

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Ok after doing some research, i believe its the asrock b150m pro4 that has a specially added chip (which is usually only in k processors) that allows you to OC.
Mine does not. I believe it might still be possible?
Gonna try using the amibcp tool to try editing mb.

the crossflash using fpt ended up actually working, going to attempt looking myself, any clue on what i should be looking for?

Basically come this far, I’ve already cross flashed and even upgraded and downgraded from the retail bios versions now fairly easily. I see the BCLK menu here under OC tweaker “multi core enhancement” was set to disabled under optimal, I see these options already say “show” on this but for my processor (i7 7700k) they dont show, could it be a microcode issue with the processor?

Yes, it should be MCode that you might need to downgrade, but maybe the ME Version too? But i dont really know if your board does have external bclk chip.

To show hidden stuff, try to read this post: [TOOL] UEFI Editor

I just tried this, I turned all of those “default” to “user”
flashed using fpt, it worked, I changed BCLK multiplier to 120, but My CPU still seems to be limited at 4500, I have turbo boost turned off and my memory actually oc’ed to 2880 with the bclk

my board does not have an external bclk chip, but i thought bclk was possible on all motherboards unless the manufacturer disables it?
it seems to be even working for me but just for my memory and not the CPU, which makes me think its definitely a microcode issue

ok i have narrowed it down to the ME firmware, i’m 90% sure.

is there a guide on downgrading me firmware?

Ok i figured out how to clean intel ME.
Quick update (if anyone is still interested), im fully able to boost the ram clock now with bclk OC. (safely from 2400 to 2880 and it is stable)
Something weird happens with the processor, I noticed its base clock speed changes from 4.2 to a multiple that prevents it from going above 4.4-4.5ish GHZ.
So for example, I changed BCLK speeds to 120, so my memory becomes 2880, and my Base clock speed changes to a weird number like 1040 mhz or 960 mhz i’ve noticed.

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