[Request] Asrock B560 HDV disable power limit

Dear all,

I’m new here and I love your work so, I want to say thank you to all.

I was wondering if anyone can help me unlock the BIOS for my config:

i5 11400f and asrock b560 hdv (a very bad mobo, I know it but I couldn’t afford anything better)

With the updated bios v 1.60 I can set stable power consumption to 100W and I’m able to set short period power to 150W (but it seems useless) and long period 120w but it is limited to 224 seconds.

With this config during stress test cpu has got 4.2ghz for 224 seconds with a temp of 55C° and then 3,8 Ghz with a temp of 50C°.

Seen my temp is low I wonder if there is someone that can help me to unlock bios limitation to get a long period consumption of 120W for unlimited time

As a thank you, I’m willing to buy you a coffee or a beer :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Use UEFItool/IFRextract/HEX edit and check the variables/strings available in the bios… thats ur 1st task, later ull have to figure out a possible flash method and/or status of the spi regions access, besides the use of an SPI flasher.
Depends if we r gonna work on an original bios file or a dump with Intel FPT tool from Intel ME15 package tools (CSME System Tools v15.40 r1)
U can use AMIBCP to view/compare, see wots visible or not, but NOT editing, usually on Aptio V bios it breaks the system… and a lot of try outs in a new board model.

EDIT: Just found this info, that besides being on 12th Gen and UHD overclock, still can have some guidelines to ur platform/chipset/motherboard.