[Request] ASRock Z490M-ITX A/C bios mod

Hey all,

First time posting, and I was just wondering if anyone with more knowledge in this area could help me out. I currently have an ASRock Z490M-ITX A/C in a secondary PC with BIOS 1.32, and I’m trying to unlock a few things ASRock hid related to some OC settings most likely due to being a cheap board.

I’m trying to enable the hidden OC items, and disable the OC Lock/Package Power MSR Limit bits to allow actual adjustment of PL1/PL2. The board is locked by default at 130w/56s, and while I don’t want to raise it to a breaking point it would be nice to allow a bit more current. So far I haven’t been able to get anything I’ve tried to work with the board.

Any help figuring it out would be greatly appreciated, and I would happily PayPal a couple bucks for the assistance.

Link to bios page below, I’m using the L1.32 Beta as it was more stable with ram overclocking than the previous 3.


Use IFR extract tool and GRUB/RU/HEX edit method.
Some bioses besides the SETUP module also needs to change the AMISetup module.
Dont ask more info, dont have time for it, the forum is full of similar situations to get guidance.