[Request]Asrock z77 Extreme 9 4G decod/NVstrapsrebar

Hy all,
Can please someone kindly unnhide 4g decode and add support for NVstrapsRebar.I followed the guide under the Github made by curi0,and had zero sucess on it.
Link for the bios


Thx in advance and sry for the english.

Here, try this: Z77EXT9Rbar.rar (4.3 MB)

hi,sry for late reply.
Flashed your bios without any problems ,but gpuz reporting rebar disabled,and on the executable nvstrapsrebar ,it reports Missing GPU Bar0 configuration.Am i doing something wrong or overlooking ?
Gpu is a gtx 1650 but planning putting a 2060
Thx for your help.

run cmd as admin, try to clear per gpu config, save, quit and reboot.

run cmd as admin again, enable and select target pci bar size, save, and reboot.

Just make sure to double check if csm in bios is disabled, and above 4g decoding is enabled (see large memory on Device Manage > View > Resource by Type).

If it didnt work, open up an issue in the nvstraprebar github page.