[REQUEST] Assist With Toshiba Tecra M10 BIOS Mod

I’ve been working on a retro computing project of mine. Recently rebuilt my Tecra M10, it was working fantastic. Then I upgraded my CPU to a T9900, and it has been running awesome except: no audio anymore via speakers or audio jacks. Which would have been fine except I can’t hear my lasers when I vaporize a Steiner 'mech in MechWarrior4 :laughing: I figure the BIOS probably needs a newer Intel Azalia driver modded into it (if that’s possible) since the BIOS handles hardware initialization on my system and after Windows boots I can’t see anything that resembles an audio device in devmgr. Anyway, as it turns out, Toshiba’s driver support is outsourced to DynaBook and the downloads section of their website is broken. I ended up locating an archived page of the latest BIOS on Wayback Machine, and downloaded it in an executable self-extracting archive format.

And here I am now. After extracting its contents, I have all kinds of strange files – none of which resemble any sort of BIOS ROM. I need help piecing together a BIOS image that I can try my hand at modding. Of course, any help, direction, or guidance would be fantastic too since I’ve only done very minor modding in the past.

Please find attached the latest version of my BIOS downloaded from an archived Dynabook download page.
ssbav300.zip (4.9 MB)


Figured it out, this was due to user error. Pretty embarrassing, but I forgot to plug the ribbon cable for my audio controller back into my motherboard when I upgraded the CPU. In my defence though, the ribbon cable in this model is folded up in a way that it falls under the motherboard and is hidden when disconnected.

While I’m talking about this, I should also mention that none of the download links on Dynabook’s website work for the drivers for this model but the Wayback Machine has ALL of them archived, so go there for drivers for this model.

Anyway, if you have this same model with the same problem… Is it plugged in? is the first question you should ask yourself :sweat_smile: