[Request] Asus GL702ZC Bios Unlock

Hi, is it possible to unlock the BIOS for the GL702ZC Laptop from Asus? It uses a Desktop AM4 CPU that is replcable due it is not soldered.
Hardware: AMD Ryzen5 1600 with B350 Motherboard Chipset and Radeon RX580 GPU.
Second question: Would it be possible to add CPU Microcode to use other 65W Ryzen CPU´s? Asus limited the BIOS only to use 1st GEN Ryzen CPU´s. It would be a dream to use the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU in this Machine.

I need unlocked menu´s for ram speed and timing, unlocked cpu menu´s for voltage/multiplier control, maybe some mainboard controls could enabled, too? And the last big question: Could agesa and microcode changed/added to use newer ryzen cpu´s from 2xxx and 3xxx series? Could it be useful to extract microcode/agesa code from a desktop mainboard and add or replacing the codes in the gl702zc BIOS?
BIOS dump made via ch341a programmer, tested 100% working
BIOS is here: https://files.fm/u/a86gv9dj4
Link to the asus website with it´s original BIOS: https://www.asus.com/SupportOnly/GL702ZC/HelpDesk_BIOS/