[request] Asus k55vj Bios "hot-plug"/ "hot-swap" unlock

Hello guys
I’m new to this forum.
Sorry if I posted in the wrong section

I got a “GDC V8 Mini pci-e” and a EVGA 1050 Ti SC graphics card
then connected it instead of the wireless slot in my laptop

Then the Windows it shows me that there is a 1050 card, but it says windows stopped it code 43
I searched online and they told me that I need to “Modify my bios” to enable "Advanced tab " “Hot-plug” option

I tried to use UEFITool looking for the section which need to modified but I failed

So please could anyone help me or teach me How to modify the BIOS

and this is the original ROM from the Asus website :


Thanks a lot

I will check tonight and see if I can enable that setting for you. Do you have flash programmer?

I don’t think advanced tab access will help here, but I can check to enable for you, and I don’t think hot-plug applies to anything other than SATA ports either on any system.
Most likely, you will not be able to use a graphics card connected to a mini-PCIE slot like this on this laptop.

@kyon - please zip some images of your current BIOS so I can see what you have visible now, showing the main page, and images so that all subsections shown within each tab are shown as well, thanks
Be sure to show exit page too

Because I saw someone did this before and it did work
I remember he used K55V or K55A with GTX960

I think maybe I can flash the BIOS via EASY FLASH from Asus itself
And here are the images [Google Drive]

Thanks, I will check the images and get you mod BIOS made. You may have to do certain method to flash modified BIOS, EZ Flash usually does not work for mod BIOS, but I will walk you through it.
I looked through your BIOS already, and while I can get you full access to a lot more settings, there is no hot-swap for HDD let alone graphics cards or Mini-PCIE slots etc.
The only setting I noticed that may affect this is - Boot VGA Controller Selection - Because Hybrid VGA driver is only available for Windows 7/Vista, it should select Others to activate external VGA to get better performance at other operation system.
Probably not related at all, but that’s the only thing that caught my eye. you can look through all settings with AMIBCP4.55.0070 and you will see.

Do you have flash programmer? I asked for recovery reasons, in case of bad flash, not for easy way to flash the BIOS I can help you on that, only wondered if you had because they are $3 and everyone should have one that’s wanting a modified BIOS in case things go badly.

Does it mean after I flash the modified BIOS,
Boot VGA Controller Selection will shows up and maybe affect my computer ?

By the way ,could you please introduce some Flash Programmer to me?
Because in my mind those Programmers are so expensive.

That means once I mod BIOS, you will have access to that setting, then you can see what happens with it enabled/disabled (I forget what is default right now). Did you look at BIOS with AMIBCP I mentioned.
If not, google that exact version and download (Sorry can’t link here to that), and open BIOS, on the left you will see expandable menu tree with all the BIOS settings you can have access to.

Yes sure, you need CH341A Flash programmer ($2.40 on ebay) and SOIC8 test clip cable ($2.50 on ebay)

You don’t have to have, but it’s so cheap everyone should purchase for security. I can mod BIOS good, but bad flash can happen even with stock BIOS any time, so best to always be safe especially when it’s so cheap to fix.
Takes a long time to get delivery ordering this cheap, but 3-5 weeks later you will forget you ordered and then it will arrive.

Yes, I looked the BIOS with AMIBCP you mentioned, now I clearly understand with it.
(I used the wrong software to open BIOS file before)

Thanks for your advices, I will get a programmer.

I appreciate your support, you are amazing !

You’re welcome, and thank you too! Did you see any settings that looked like they would help you? I can make you BIOS now, that will give you all those options you see in AMIBCP

Well, because you already give me so many useful informations,
I think I understand how to modify a BIOS ROM with AMIBCP now,
maybe I will try to modify the BIOS on my own first.

But I still have some problems want to know from you about flashing the ROM,
after I got the CH341A Flash Programmer and the cable,
what kind of flashing software I need to use with ?

OK, yes, you can try! Set to User settings you want, but first make flash with just the “Root” menu option set to User, so you can see what all menu show up without you having to make any changes.
For example set “Advanced” root option to user, but nothing inside, then flash and see which show up inside, then in Advanced root, enable the Root entries for all sub-sections you want inside that to be enabled that aren’t yet, then flash and check for setting inside those.
Some might show up automatically once you enable each sections root entry.

Here is package with software (many versions) and drivers for CH341A. This is not necessary to flash the BIOS, only to recover if you have a bad flash

Got it.
If CH341A is using for recovering the bad flash,
what should I do to flash a modified ROM?
I only know flashing the BIOS ROM via MS-DOS.

There is a few ways to flash modified Asus Rom, here is two ways
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

And here is my guided method [GUIDE] Grub Setup_Var Guide - Fix Intel FPT Error 368 - BIOS Lock Bit Set HSFS W/ Asus Z170 or Other Mod BIOS
Variables for you to use with this guide, so you don’t have to get them yourself are SMI lock = 0x5D & BIOS Lock 0x5E << BIOS Lock shows as already unlocked in latest BIOS, so you may not need to unlock
Meaning you can possibly flash now without issue possibly using FPTw -bios -f modbiod.rom
Extract .rom first, meaning extract body from capsule (.cap file), with UEFITool first to get modbios.rom

Asus BIOS usually flash from within BIOS using EZ Flash built in flasher, but normally it will give security error if file is modified. Sometimes it works to mod BIOS, extract .rom body from capsule using UEFITool, then reinsert body into new copy of same capsule BIOS file as "replace body"
But best way is in links above, and if you still have issue with AFU method only use /p switch as that is all you need if you are only changing settings in BIOS with your mod.

Could you please share unlocked bios?

Hi could you please share the unhidden bios? Thanks a lot