[Request] Asus M2A-VM, Asus M2A-VM HDMI, and Asus Barebone V3-M2A690G

Hi @ all,

first, sorry about my bad english.

I have an big problem. I need someone´s help to solve. I hope anyone from here can proove me to solve this problem.
Let me first to explain what is happen.

Asus have 3 variants from one Board:
1. M2A-VM with latest Bios of version 2302 without Firewire Port!
2. M2A-VM HDMI with latest Bios of version 2302 with Firewire Port and PCIeX Extension Card for HDMI
3. V3-M2A690G latest Bios version 0801 (Same as M2A-VM HDMI but labeled as M2A-VM!) with Firwire Port and PCIeX Extension Card for HDMI

Ausus take it wrong and labeld the Bios Identification for Pos. 3 with M2A-VM! With the original Bios Update under Windows it says new version of Bios is here 2302, now flashed,
restartet and whoila no Firewire Port configurable and no HDMI enable or disable.

I have try to flash the M2A-VM HDMI version but it says: no way downgrade not possible and the identification was not the same!
It is possible to take Original version 0801 for the Barebone System and change modules in there with the newest version of M2A-VM HDMI 2302?
That will so great! Asus give not support for the old MB.

Yes, i know is an old board, but for an User who has not much money, an solution.
I tried many Bios-Tools but no way, for me!

Please help me anyone,
with best regards @ all

@ shanigma:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Since your problem obviously has been caused by a wrong BIOS labeling done by ASUS, you should let ASUS solve it.
Reason: If your BIOS modification should fail, you are responsible yourself. The reparation of a vendor’s mistake is not the job of the customer.

Good luck!