[Request] ASUS MAXIMUS-VI-EXTREME BIOS 1603 with NVMe Support

I have tried the mod file. But I’m not sure if my files are working or not. I can’t check. I’m not good at it.

The bios file I use is named MAXIMUS-VI-EXTREME-ASUS-1603

I downloaded from this site https://www.asus.com/us/supportonly/maxi…/HelpDesk_BIOS/

Can someone please make me a bios mod file?

will be very grateful


EDIT: Link is UP

@shikoku123 @MeatWar
I have moved your posts into this much better matching thread. The other thread has been designed for users, who want to do the BIOS modification themselves.

Hi @MeatWar
I’m looking to use this modded bios for my Maximus VI Extreme board too - but the link is broken!
I’d be really grateful if you Could you re-upload?

… sorry, I also forgot to ask what mods have been made to this please?
Does it have the same ones as the one below which is for MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1603?
Oops, as I’m new I’m not allowed to post the link, but you can find the one I am talking about by searching the forum for "[OFFER] MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1603 modded for NVMe boot drive and EFI updates"

Thanks again!

Here You go :

[OFFER] MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1603 modded for NVMe boot drive and EFI updates


Hi BDMaster, thanks for that link - but it’s for the Maximus VI Formula board… Mine is the Maximus VI Extreme board - is the manufacturer bios identical for both?
Is it safe for me to use this one? My current (manufacturers) BIOS is the same version number, 1603, but as they are different boards I don’t know if there are any BIOS differences…
Many thanks for your help!

… sorry, I also noticed that the Formula BIOS file is M6F.cap whereas my current BIOS file is M6E.cap, so I’m even more unsure I can use that Formula one now… Any advice much appreciated!

No, here u go full updated 1603 for M6Extreme
Use Tor browser due to ur country restrictions.

Hi @MeatWar

I’m really grateful for your reply - is this a freshly updated one with the latest microcode (28?) ?

Oh, sorry, have just tried the link and again I get the “403 Forbidden” error - again, on any machine and browser I try

I’ve tried to insert the image below but not sure it’s working…


Here you go :



P.S. thanks to MeatWar !!!

@MeatWar @BDMaster
Thank you both so much for your patience and help with this!
I don’t know why a filesharing site would have location restrictions (I’m in the UK) but I did start trying to download the file through Tor Browser as you suggested.
I had to close it though because of all the sudden pop-up windows ZippyShare tried to open, and its insistence that I allow browser notifications before it would let me do anything else!
@BDMaster Thank you for re-uploading to mediafire, I’ve got the file now.

So @MeatWar I’m very grateful, thank you - the file is described as fully updated - could you let me know what the updates are that it has? Sorry for the questions, I (and I’m sure those that follow me) just want to know what is in it so that I’m not updating blindly!
Many thanks again!

Well if u got the file re-uploaded from BDMaster… i think u should ask him wot updates r in, since is not my file u downloaded.

EDIT: The usually to a fully updated bios mod, NVMe DXE module inserted and updated modules LAN, RST, GOP, mcode… do u need a log file also, time spent etc…?

EDIT: No, no ofense at all… this is my work and im not obliged to post all the details of it…bla bla bla… all users, as i do and always appreciate when i need, always should be glad that someone could attend to their request.
All my mods r done as if it was for my use and with the latest modules versions avaiable…to a certain point of risk of course, further dangerous tasks i will not post any files.

@MeatWar I’ve gone through the hoops and downloaded successfully from your link too now and it is binary identical to @BDMaster 's re-upload.
So it’s your version… Could you let us know what is updated in it?
Thanks again

Hi @MeatWar
I’ve obviously offended you some how, I’m sorry about that. I’m new to this community and I’m new to BIOS modding, so like any new person I’m just doing my research to make sure I understand what I’m doing. I’m not trying to be a pain and I’m not trying to annoy you! So I’m sorry if I have.

I was just after a simple breakdown of the mods (like @hancor has done for example) as you must know what you have put in there and it would be very useful for me and anyone else using this mod to also know! (see example here: [OFFER] MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1603 modded for NVMe boot drive and EFI updates )

For me this work that you and others are doing here is really great and invaluable and if it is a new and freshly updated BIOS mod you have supplied here then I would like to tip you as I do want to show my appreciation.

Please, let’s not get off on the wrong foot, I’m only asking for a bit of information!

All the best


Hi friend, it was the MeatWar’s file … and i have got this one too from MeatWar …


May be he is forgetting that has publicating both in two differents moments , but thanks to him there are these files , so many thanks MeatWar !!!

If i have to analyze the files to check the modifies introduced into these i can do , but it’s better to ask him to explain that better …

Thank you for this @BDMaster !
It seems different from the new one, but I think I am all sorted on this now thank you and will use the new one that you both posted earlier today.
And yes, thanks again @MeatWar