[Request] Asus Maximus VIII HERO BIOS without TVB Voltage Optimization

I have a QTJ1 processor installed on ASUS Maximus VIII Hero.
The fact is that the motherboard does not hold a fixed voltage, and the frequency is reduced at 100mhz
For example, I have a value of 4318MHz, as soon as you turn on the load, the frequency per 100mhz is reduced, that is, 4218MHz

The author Svarmod collided with the same problem. Let me remind you, he has the same M8H motherboard.
As he indicated, this is the problem of TVB Voltage Optimization. If you turn off, the frequency will not fall at 100mhz

Svarmod offered a temporary solution. He found a TVBOFF script that turns it off. It works thanks to Trottlestop.
This option does not suit, since it is not permanent, and flies after restart. Yes, you can of course climb autorun, but still it does not suit me.

Can any be able to disappear bios in order not to use the script?

Here is his quote "But something I did not figure out how to do it correctly because the values ​​of the necessary register are constantly changing.
According to the infa from AMIBCP to control TVB: MSR 0x150, Teams 0x18 / 0x19. "

Also, another user said that "MSR 0x150, also known as Mail_Box or MB, manages literally all the functions of the processor, including voltages, their kind and meaning"

It says something about tvb https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.ph…ht=explanations

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My dump BIOS.zip (6.64 MB)