[Request] Asus P5Q-deluxe BIOS Modding to Boot NVME

@alerogerio @zelekeit Try this, unzip the file, make a FreeDOS on the flashdrive using rufus, then copy the file (the .ROM and LEPRG.EXE) to the flashdrive, boot to FreeDOS, and do this command:

LEPRG.EXE p5qdeluxenvme.rom (or P5QROG.ROM or P5QTUF.ROM, they’re both the same from original P5QDeluxeNVME.ROM, only logo changed)

and press enter, it should prompt a message “do you want to update to EFI BIOS”, press Y, and let the process complete. After it completed, there should be a file named LEGBK.ROM, do NOT DELETE LEGBK.ROM as it is the original Legacy file of your bios and you WOULD love to save it. power off the pc after it completed, and try to boot to bios.

I dont know if this bios does have modifications for Xeons, but here is the MCExtractor:

take a look and tell me which microcodes needed to be inserted, or you could do it yourself, and maybe post the bios here for future references. For 1067A Platform 11, 10676 Platform 10 and 01 i dont have the latest bios, only Plat 40 and 04 but im not brave enough to replace the Plat 10 and 01 as i have no idea abt LGA 775 microcodes :smiley:

Modules i inserted:

P5QNVMEs.rar (1.57 MB)

Hi, I just created an account, been following this but I’m not an expert in this field.

Is this is going to work? Is this file safe?

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This link is broken btw, can you share it again please?

@ZinZov Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

What means "safe"? Koekiezz will not overtake any warrenty.
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Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

No I’m not expecting this, I mean can this be a vector for an hacker attack possibly?
I don’t know much about coding.
Meanwhile I have tried to download original Bios from the ASUS destination and to insert codes but it does not work for me.

Can anyone post here working Bios MOD for Asus P5Q-deluxe with instructions for XEON processors?
@onuracengiz Posted something earlier but this is dead link.


Like what @Fernando said, i do not take responsibility. All i do was the same safe method on this forum. you could try it yourself. Instruction is there and clear. make sure you understand the instruction as this bios update does not use the usual EZ Flash Utility on the bios. Also dont freak out about hacking and stuff, cause im not even a programmer myself (heck idk abt coding).

Can you please check if following microcodes are inserted: >Link<

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only plat 01 and 10 for 45nm, for you could add it yourself.

I successfully flashed the BIOS, but still need to figure it out how to install win 8.1. @Fernando If you have link this would be good.

I’m not sure if this anyone succeeded to install win10 on this motherboard, and if yes I would like to check this link. Thanks.

Bios is working, flashing process was without downsides. Bios interface is cool and it is much better than previous (user friendly graphic interface).

Bad thing is that does not restart after exiting BIOS settings but I need to restart it using POWER button. Real testing’s are yet to come after I install OS @Koekieezz

BTW I have followed this instruction:


This is not the thread about how to install any Windows OS.

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@ZinZov if you want to use nvme as boot, set the bios into legacy only, with csm disabled if there is such an options. Windows 10 or any of its mods (superlite, ghostspectre, etc.) could be installed in that board. Since i dont know if the board does have IDE and AHCI mode, it would be best to use sata mode at AHCI, and bios mode at UEFI Only.