[Request] Asus P5Q-deluxe BIOS Modding to Boot NVME

Good morning, I would like a modified bios for my computer (asus P5Q - DELUXE motherboard) to start the boot via NVME.

And I take the opportunity to ask if this new update will have support for UEFI ??? … thanks for the prompt service.


added nvme support,updated microcodes

P5Q DELUXE support

tanks…i go test…

Unfortunately, it didn’t work:

1 - updated the bios with the latest ASUS firmware.

2 - I used a pendrive with windows 10 made with rufus.

3 - I used my M2 as GPT format in the first test. (No boot for M2)

4 - I used my M2 as MBR format in the second test. (No boot for M2)

5 - As the tests did not work and the boot did not activate on the M2 unit and even on the bios there is no way to select boot by M2, I just started using the clover again.
If anyone has any tips I follow.

Without flashing an NVMe modded BIOS you will not be able to boot off an NVMe SSD.
Even after having flashed an NVMe modded BIOS you cannot boot directly off the device named “PATA”, whis is the NVMe SSD. You have to let the Win10 Setup create the EFI “Windows Bootloader” into the NVMe SSD.
For details please read the start post of >this< thread.

Tanks Fernando;;;;;alerogerio is noob;;;;

My PC:
Asus P5Q-deluxe
BIOS version 2301 (Legay and non-UEFI support)
I currently use clover to boot but I would like not to use it.

What do I want to do ???
Update bios to boot from M2 Nvme

I searched the forum and found the Bios modified for:
This modified bios has the NvmEspress_4 module.

I followed the boot modification tutorial and installed MMToll and placed the NVmExpress_4 module at the end of volume 1.
See file below:

https://easyupload.io/5mbzte Link with the modified bios file.

So I formatted a 4 gig stick in FAT32 mode and put this modified bios inside that stick.

I entered the setup (DEL command) on the pc and went to EZ Flash to do the update, then this appears:

As seen in the image above I cannot update with this modified bios found in the forum.
What can I do???


Recently I use the clover to be able to use the M2 … but I would like to try to use my PC without the glover … and with M2 …

Where did you find it? If thats my version,link is dead.i need to re-modify it from scratch and bios still shows clover,thats why your boot is corrupt.you need to clean it up first

Justy for your information,
If something goes wrong,EZ Flash 2 is not working,power loss during update or if you just want to use Afudos;
create a bootable usb using Rufus in Fat32 format (8bg or less cap)
download Afudos (v2.29es) and place in it with the bios file (rename it to p5qlse)
execute command: afudos/ip5qlse.rom /pbnc /n

/n - don’t check ROM ID
/pbnc -
b - Program Boot Block
n - Program NVRAM
c - Destroy System CMOS

I am thinking of giving up on updating the bios and keep using the clover.
The bios I found with forum member with nick pipes80. It was with the posts of this member that I found bios modified by him for this version. I can even find it again at the forum where I saw that member’s posts. However I am in doubt if you keep trying to update or stop trying before making a “shit” …

It is up to you.if clover is working without any problems,then keep it
I assume you have not tried my mod.if you change your mind, i can modify it again later

If you do a MOD later I install here, because your link is no longer active … thanks

I am aware.let me know when you need it.should not take long to re-mod

Tanks for you…



Good night, can you make the modified bios (Nvme) with the updated microcodigos for me ??? I will test your bios to see if I improve my PC without the clover …



I need Samsung 256GB NVMe to boot @ my mobo Asus P5Q SE PLUS. I fear that if i try to mod BIOS on my own i will brick my mobo as I have bad experience in editing firmwares / BIOS etc.
I know this post is old, but is there somebody that could mod BIOS for my mobo so that it can boot from NVMe?
That would help me a lot and i would be grateful.

Not an UEFI bios, its too old… there is some tryouts to this subject but i will not do this in Legacy bios like urs, cause its too risky most of the times wont work

Other solutions:
[Experimental] NVMe Option ROM
[Guide] NVMe-boot without modding your UEFI/BIOS (Clover-EFI bootloader method)
[Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and UEFI board (DUET-REFIND)


Could you please build modified EFI bios for me? I have ASUS P5Q Deluxe motherboard and use it with Intel Xeon X5460 processor and 16Gb (4x4Gb) DDR-2 667MHz RAM (modified 2301 bios with extended Xeon processors support is installed)
I would be really happy because I can’t find it anywhere on the web.2


Read the whole thread, you’ll get your answer.