[Request ] ASUS P8Z77 - M PRO with NVME support.

I hope someone out there will share there modded and tested bios with nvme support. @Duckboy79 And @Maccer or @Flap Can you please share your modded bios for asus p8z77-m pro Thank You !

The original bios here 2203 is here attached.

P8Z77-M-PRO-ASUS-2203.zip (4.32 MB)

[OFFER] ASUS P8Z77-M Pro Bios 2203 NVMe mod (2021)

@MeatWar Thank you so much, i searched and didn’t find anything on this website. thank you again. ~ Travis

I bought an nvme Samsung 980 1TB, getting great results thank you so much for the help !!!