[Request] ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS bios mod for i3 9100

I want to put i3 9100 in ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS. Right now i have G3930 cpu

Is it possible, and can somebody mod the bios for me ? Thanks

My BIOS Version is 1205 and Me firmware Version is

I also have one motherboard with Bios ver. 1010 and ME ver. 11.7.01229

YOu need flash programmer or to do pinmod and unlock FD, so you can write to FD region for both boards and the 11.8 board you will also need to downgrade ME FW too.
Do you have flash programmer like CH341A? If not, order now, and U Type IC Extractor if BIOS is in socket, if BIOS is soldered to board then you need SOIC8 test clip with cable.

I successfully flashed ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS and everything works with i3 9100.

Theres no need for flash programmers at all, no soldering or any physical mods . Just before flashing go to Advanced → PCH-FW Configuration → ME Operation Mode and set to Temporary Disable. That allows ME to be re-written.I had Me firmware Version is and everything worked fine.

I used coffetime 0.85a to make modded bios, and AFU v3.05.04 to extract old bios and flash.

1.Download coffeetime 0.85a and AFU v3.05.04
2.Open AFU and press save, to save your motherboard bios
3.Download latest Bios 1205 from asus website
4.Open CoffeeTime as administrator and select 1 - Select source BIOS for mod
5.Select the option you want in my case i used 5 - i3 8xxx / Pentium G55xx, G5600 / Celeron G4900, G4900T, G4920
6.Select 2 - Unlock regions
7.Select 1 - AutoUpdate and than i - Try to inject all CFL microcodes with keep existed (Experimenal, ASUS only)
8.Select 3 - Setup personal data and than Select 3 - Select BIOS file for data transfer and browse to the Bios you saved from AFU
9.Than you select e Finalize mod , Restore capsule? choose no and exit.
10.Find created .bin file in CoffeeTime folder an rename it from .bin to .rom
11.Transfer .rom file to AFU folder
12.Before flashing go to Advanced → PCH-FW Configuration → ME Operation Mode and set to Temporary Disable.
13.When booted into windows open windows command promt as administrator and flash .rom bios file using afuwinx64.exe BIOSFILENAME.rom /GAN
14.When done restart and new CPU should work.

Also this video helped me even though its in russian