[Request] ASUS PRIME Z270-A Windbond 25X05CLNIG1723

I have an Asus z270-A Mother board.
I made a mistake flashing wrong chip, and i would like to ask for the Windbond 25XQ5CLNIG1723 original read data. So i will be able to write it again.
I dont know if there could be another way to reset it to default.

@Miti - You will have to find owner of the same board, who also owns a flash programmer. Or, purchase a dead/damaged board on ebay and get from that.
You could try emailing Asus to ask, and on their facebook, and their forums, but I would not have high hopes for them to send you files (too lazy)

Over at vinafix forum, someone will probably give to you, if it’s not already posted there, but you will have to pay $2-3 I think for one day (maybe 2-3, can’t remember) download access