[Request] ASUS PRIME Z390-A add HPET option

Currently running the latest 1903 BIOS and after spending way too long looking for what I now know is a hidden HPET setting I thought you guys might be able to help!

I found one other request back in 2020 but the file is no longer available to download.

If anyone can help that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

I know someone must be up to the task! :slight_smile: I can offer a pre-emptive THANK YOU to anyone who is willing to help out!

This model has no USB BFB function so it has increased risks after a failed mod/flash, u need to unlock bios regions, dump with Intel FPT tool, edit the dump with AMIBCP/IFRextract Hex edit and flash it again with FPT.
Try some guidance on other similar requests on the forum.

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it!