[REQUEST] ASUS ROG Rampage IV Gene NVME + Microcodes

Hello everyone,
Can someone help with bios mods for ASUS ROG Rampage IV Gene bios ver. 4901? I’m specifically looking for
- Updated microcodes (Meltdown and spectre)
- Nvme support
- Updated drivers?
I can only find bios mods for Rampage IV extreme :confused:

Anyone no? I guess ill try to make it then

@Nico1320 - Please be more specific about microcodes. Do you want latest, or older that don’t have spectre/meltdown fixes?
Drivers is a windows thing, not BIOS . NVME no problem

New microcodes against meltdown and spectre, and srry by driver i mean firmware etc… I have a 3930k cpu…

P.s srry for my english, its not my primary language

Hey @Lost_N_BIOS Are you still willing to make that bios?
I am using this motherboard with a pci express m.2 slot(ASUS HYPER M.2 X16 Card V2 )

And i’m kinda wanting to use 2Samsung 970 1tb

I need bifubrication for that. 4

Anyone that can help please let me know.

Or anyone else that can help?
Much appreciated.

Never saw anyone doing BF mod on this model of motherboard.
Also… the mods done on others models i believe that dont pair with ur kind of M.2 card, u told u that an old system motherboard without official support for NVMe
would accept a modern design of a Quad M.2 card with multiple NVMe drives, in the first place?

"Hyper M.2 x16 is designed specifically for Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) and the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ platform for NVMe RAID support and features four M.2 slots, providing up to 128 Gbps of bandwidth per card."


The ASUS HYPER M.2 X16 Card V2 takes the advantage of modern hardware design in new chipsets/motherbaords, as it do not contain any dedicated controller on it and relies on newer chipsets for this kind of control of M.2 slots/bandwidth,
that urs doesn’t have or ever will have…

Again, im not saying that its not possible…but never saw it done in the GENE, even in the EXTREME or BLACK as u can read in several posts/requests, the card simply doesn’t behave as intended, go search and read more on the subject.

Okey i thought it had to do with the BF in any case i’m sending one ssd i bought back since i cannot use it.

I might just invest in newer hardware at this point.

On asus website it says the following:
* Also support other vendors’ motherboards via PCIe bifurcation in BIOS setting


On asus website it says the following:
* Also support other vendors’ motherboards via PCIe bifurcation in BIOS setting

Regarding this statement from Asus, we still have to presume that is based on resources available in functions presented in newer chipsets.

U can find in the market several solutions for multiple NVMe M.2 drives, that have its own PCIe/RAID controller present OR u can try a solution with 2 separate PCIe M.2 cards, still all this is not certain.

Ex: https://www.amazon.co.uk/CREST-SI-PEX401…07HYZY7P2&psc=1