[Request] ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark2 full BIOS update.

@izajasz - Well UBU only updates one GOP module, and it’s not a big version change or anything anyway, not worth risk that you’ve already taken but at least it boots and I assume Quick Sync still functions.
I’m not even sure if the GOP is used in the manner you are using onboard, so we can’t be sure it’s a working edit anyway, unless you test booting from onboard while in UEFI Mode.

If you want me to go ahead and update GOP anyway, please test your UBU modded BIOS and boot from onboard graphics in UEFI mode as a test, then let me know.
If it’s bootable, I’ll edit the BIOS in post #19 x2, one with one module updated only like UBU does, and then 2nd with both updated, then you can test booting from onboard graphics while UEFI boot on those too.

@Lost_N_BIOS I just booted up the PC on integred Video and it booted up fine so i think You can update GOP safely. Anyway, why tehre are 2 GOP drivers in this BIOS? And what is VBT for?

EDIT: Also, why is it risky? I’ve made around 10 mods using UBU, everytime updated GOP and everytime it booted and worked like a charm :wink:

@izajasz - VBT is part of how GOP loads it’s settings, more than that I don’t know you’d have to ask the guys in the vBIOS/GOP thread.
So, you booted to integrated graphics with UEFI boot enabled (CSM disabled)? If you did not disable CSM you are still using legacy vBIOS, unless you directly set video option rom to UEFI ONLY (may not be visible to you option in BIOS)
Please confirm you did the above (test integrated graphics boot with your UBU mod BIOS, with UEFI Boot enabled and CSM disable), and then I will make you the mentioned BIOS for your testing if you want.

It’s risky because certain things brick BIOS almost always, and sometimes UBU does those things to your BIOS during certain functions (GOP edit aside, but also included in this).
As for the GOP edits, those are extreme risk due to what I explained above about PEI volumes and where these are in your BIOS.

Stock BIOS flash can brick boards sometimes too, so it’s always huge risk to do something risky with mod BIOS, so we (everyone that mods BIOS) tries our best to check for, work around, warn others about possible BIOS risks when modding or flashing so least bricked BIOS as possible.

Ok, thank You for Your explanation. I amd always booting without CSM so it’s 100% working :wink:

@izajasz - OK, then, sounds like it works with the one UBU replaces at least Go ahead and update GOP with UBU on the file I posted at #19, never mind, this breaks FIT table AND adds padding into two PEI volumes (even the one it refuses to update GOP within), terrible iffy stuff there!
Here, I fixed FIT after UBU updated GOP on file from #19 above since you said you’ve tested UBU update GOP and it was OK. Also, see below, it does update both GOP, but scary stuff mentioned above!

* Edit - Actually, now I see why it touched the other volume it refuses to update GOP in! It actually did update it too, even though during the process it says it can’t/doesn’t.
You’re very lucky these added paddings and rebasing of two PEI volumes did not brick your board, go buy two lottery tickets soon as you can!

Ok, I will go then, also I’ve updated like 8 more boards the same way and they worked also so I think I’ll go buy 10 lottery tickets :stuck_out_tongue: So it seems that the file You provided has 2 GOP’s updated?

@izajasz - Yes, get some lottery tickets now, and be careful in the future!
Yes, UBU actually does modify both GOP’s, even though when doing the update it appears to say no and then on rescan after the update it does not show the second one updated (but it really is)
Sve file in UBU and then rescan from new UBU and you’ll see both are actually updated when it says only one initially.

Nice, thank You. I’ve made a request to update VBT also, but so far no one responded :stuck_out_tongue: BTW, I’ve bought some lottery tickets :smiley:

I moved your thread to the vBIOS/GOP thread, hopefully someone will help you out with that now

Did you win on your lotto tickets? [laugh

I will check today but I think not ;D Thank You for moving the thread.

@Lost_N_BIOS by the way, if You have some spare time and can polish this BIOS further, feel free to do it as I will try it in 1- 2 days :slight_smile:

What is the actual spi flash device used on this asus board? I’m setting up a mouser order this week and would like a few spare chips…